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1. How do I get started on my fitness journey?

This can typically be the most challenging thing for people to overcome. This simple answer is to just START! The sooner you get started, the sooner you start to feel better, become more energized, feel more confident, make better choices, and live a healthier lifestyle. If you feel like you need guidance on your fitness journey, I recommend researching more than one coach that you feel will be the best fit for your personality, lifestyle, and style of training (i.e. if you enjoy running, I recommend a running coach instead of a dance coach) 

2. What if I am not seeing results? 
More than likely, you are not following what your coach has given you. Your coach is a trained professional who is here to help you get the best results possible and has your best interest at heart! The best thing to keep in mind is that staying consistent, disciplined, and patient are the best keys to seeing the results that you want! If you are doing all of those things, make sure your coach knows, so they can reassess your workout regimen as well as your nutrition to be able to adjust to get you back on track to seeing results again. 

3. Is it okay to skip a workout? 
It is okay to take a rest day as you feel needed if you are feeling sore, extremely fatigued, or even sick, but I don't recommend skipping a workout because 'you don't feel like it.' For the best results, it is best to stick to your routine as much as possible! Remember, consistency is key!  

4. How long until I start seeing results?
This will vary from person to person and depends on different factors such as genetics, nutrition, and exercise routine. Typically, you will start to feel a difference within a few weeks, and you will start to see noticeable changes after a few months. 

5. Can I lose weight just by exercising, or do I need to diet too? 
Both are going to be important to lose weight. Exercise will help burn calories, build muscle, and improve fitness levels, but pairing that with healthy nutrition will help fuel your body as well as sustain weight loss. 

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